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Creole Heritage Day 2001

It is time once again for the annual Creole Heritage Day Celebration!

This years’ festivities will be held on January 19 - 20, 2001.

A first this year will be a zydeco concert preceding the main event. The concert will be on January 19, 2001 from 7pm until midnight and will be held at the Natchitoches downtown stage. Several bands from all over Louisiana will be featured. Admission for the concert is $5.00.

The main festivities, as usual, will be at St. Augustine Catholic Church in Cane River on Highway 484. The Celebration will begin at 10am and go on until midnight. Featured at the Celebration will be several "old favorites" like Creole foods, daylong music, featuring Soul 2000 and Horace Trahan, Mass under the tent, the Country Store, and Bingo.

Added to the venue are some new activities and exhibits. There will be zydeco dance lessons, cultural and artistic exhibits, children’s games, and the official Louisiana Creole Doll exhibit. Also on display will be entrants of the Badin-Roque picture project from the fourth grade class of the NSU Lab School.

For any family history buffs there will be a Genealogy workshop where people can view current information acquired by the Louisiana Creole Heritage Center and submit their own family information as well. Also presented will be a Quilt Registry sponsored by the Louisiana State Old Courthouse. Participants can have a picture taken of their family quilts and have them registered.

There will also be book signings by Sybil Kein and Philip Gould, as well as poster signings of the premiere Creole Heritage Day poster by the creators of the poster.

Other entertainment during the day consists of a live play presented by the Slidell, LA organization Creoles Sans Limites. The play will feature the demise and resurgence of the Creole language in Louisiana. At 8pm there will be a dance in the main tent featuring Geno Delafose.

One major change to the festivities will be the omission of the Taste Fest, a buffet style dinner featuring homemade Creole foods, donated by families of the community. Instead, with the purchase of admission, each person will receive five free Creole Taste tickets. These tickets can be redeemed at participating food booths throughout the day in exchange for a sample of their goods. Among many, many original food items available are meatpies, Swamp Balls from the local establishment The St. Augustine Settlement-Museum & Original Creole Shoppe, known as The Swamp, and famous cracklins from Jeanminette’s Creole Kitchen & Smokehouse.

Admission to the Creole Heritage Day Celebration is $7 for adults, $1 for children 12 and under. This entrance price includes five free taste tickets, admission to the dance and a day filled with music, fun, and good people. See you there!

For additional information call 318/357-0602.

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Come Zydeco in Natchitoches

Limited Edition Poster

poster2.jpg (75470 bytes)

PRICE:  $10
(add $1.50 if mailed)

     This poster was created through the joint efforts of Josie LaCour and Michelle Pichon.  The artwork is credited to Ms. LaCour which is based upon the "recipe" developed by Ms. Pichon.  Poster size is 11"x17" printed on 80# paper suitable by framing.
     The poster will be available beginning January 20th and will be signed by the authors.  This is a limited edition item and all orders will be taken on a first come, first served basis.  All proceeds from the sale of this poster will go towards the continued support of the Creole Heritage Day celebrations.
      RESERVE YOUR COPY TODAY for pick-up at the celebration or for mail delivery by e-mailing Janet Colson or by telephone to 318/357-6685.  See "Recipe" below.  The 2001 T-shirts will also be based upon this design.  ORDER FORM


1 part French
1 part Spanish
1 part German
1 part Native American
1 part Chinese
1 part African

(substitute more or less, or add others, to create your own personal flavor)

Add above ingredients to bayous, rivers, lakes, swamps, country roads and city streets. Make a roux out of Louisiana, California, Chicago, Texas, and other parts of the U.S., as needed, for the base. Incorporate jazz and zydeco, Fais Do Do and La La, big families and solid communities, pride and loyalty, strong faith and an abundance of love. Sprinkle liberally with filé and red pepper. Mix well. Simmer for 200 years or more. Serve over rice.

C’est bon, chere…



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